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Falling Right Into Place

Tagging → Joseph Hart
Time Frame → May, 2018 [Flash Forward]
Location → Joe’s Apartment in Washington State
General Notes → This time we’re not giving up
                               Oh, let’s make it last forever
                               Screaming “hallelujah”

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Well its about that time, folks. As you all know, the RP that Joe is associated with, Haight Hopes, has closed, and I no longer feel that there is much left to Joe’s story. So it ends with him leaving to pursue higher education. 

I just wanted to say thank you all so much for following and reading my precious Joseph Patrick Hart for nearly 18 or so months. I never imagined that I would get to over 20,000 posts for my former dreadlocked, mint chocolate loving, plant obsessed, pun loving fool. Its been absolutely amazing writing along with the other RPers in this group, and its something I will always cherish. 

With that in mind, his profile won’t be deleted. It will just be archived. So Zainab can drown herself in occasional feels but whatever. 

Anyway, its been totally righteous


Call | Cecelia Hart

Joe: [props the phone on his shoulder as it rings, packing up his last box]
Cecelia: Joe?
Joe: [shifts the phone and stands up a little taller] Hi, Mom.
Cecelia: Joe.. I haven't heard from you since Thanksgiving. I mean.. is everything alright?
Joe: Uh.. everything's fine. Everything's kind of great actually.
Cecelia: Oh?
Joe: Yeah, uh.. I got into graduate school and I thought I should give you an update on my life and stuff.. so.. yeah.
Cecelia: You did? That's fantastic. I just think that its amazing that you would go back to school. Where is it? Is it in California? [her voice hopeful] Or is it Ohio?
Joe: Its in neither of those places. Its in Washington.. like the state. I'm going to grad school in Seattle, Mom.
Cecelia: Oh..
Joe: Yeah. I just don't think there's not much for me in California or Ohio.
[There's a slight pause]
Cecelia: I.. spoke to your father the other day.
Joe: You did?
Cecelia: Yes.. he actually called me. You know how he changed all of his numbers but anyway.. he wanted to apologize.
Joe: Did you forgive him?
Cecelia: I'm not sure of that yet. I mean, 3 years is a long time but I don't know if I can ever forget what he did. But we're chatting. Trying to be amicable.
Joe: You would think that a Bible salesman would realize he needed to apologize sooner.
Cecelia: [laughs dryly] Right.
Joe: [sighs] I know this call is a long time coming. I just wasn't sure of what I could say. It just seemed like you were just going to say you were going to change but never do. I really do apologize for the harsh things I said to you, but that doesn't make them any less true.
Cecelia: I know, Joey. And I'm sorry. I truly am. I didn't realize how small minded I was coming off. I just get so worried about you. I worry about your happiness, and I really don't want anything happening to you.
Joe: Which I get. But Mom, I'm 23 years old and on the other side of the country. You can't think that keeping me under your watch in Ohio is the best thing for me. That nothing bad will ever happen to me because that's false. But Mom, you have always been there for me. For advice, to chat with, for everything. I mean, you are my best friend.
Cecelia: I'm just glad to hear that you're not mad at me anymore.
Joe: Yeah.. I've actually got to finished loading up the van. Gotta make my way to school today. But I'll talk to you later, alright?
Cecelia: I love you, Joseph.
Joe: I love you too.
[hangs up]


Yeah. I still haven’t gotten on the train here so imagine me in New York. Underground. I’m here for it haha.

Hahaha. I’ve been on it a couple of times. Its pretty straightforward. I definitely think you should try it out sometime.


Blegh. Good Lord.

She’s evil. We’re not supposed to like her. 


Probably moved in with Alexa, the person she considers to be the love of her life.

Yikes. And she’s probably a vegan. Eating only veggies and things without faces. 


She’s never been in a fight, either. Only plays the flute.

She only wears long skirts and sweater sets. 


She’d find Miley to be the voice of young feminism.

Probably owns all of Taylor Swift’s albums. And probably doesn’t swear. 


I actually feel like if I had an evil twin, she’d actually be really nice. And she’d listen to Macklemore.

So like an evil nice twin? Would she also twerk to Miley Cyrus?


Wouldn’t it?

I’d think I was in an alternate universe or you were replaced by an evil twin. 


I like being obnoxious.

It’d be weird if you weren’t. 


That’s on point, too.

Now you’re just being obnoxious lol. 


Thanks for the fish. 

.. I never gave you any.. 


You snooze you lose.

Well.. its like they say. Its not the size of the boat, its the motion of the ocean.